Monday, 15 April 2013

Under the Sea (day 13)

I haven't posted in 2 days- I still wrote, though! I'm exhausted...

2 short poems, for 'today' (13)- on the same topic. Which one do you like more?

Fear Be Not Proud

You have not yet
Got me
Light; out, out, I shine
light out.
You have eaten
My nerves are 
Around me,
I see 
Love, love, love.

Under the Sea

Oh, ask me about my fear, then
Faster than panic
Death; death; Foster the view
That I reach out,
And I can Touch it.
Home- a distant place.
Can I be brave, like you-
Oh, will I survive?
Light, light; we ascend from the sea.

You want some of this, fear?
You already are me.

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