Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Teammate- #2


So, miraculously, my second poem is done- unfortunately, it is a little bit rushed, as it is nearly midnight, and I still want to do something with my family.

This one's called 'Teammate'- it is inspired by the Kaiser Chiefs' song, my love for which is like the ocean, etc. It is quite an important event in my life, that I am writing about, so I feel that it at least merits the title of the song. However, I gladly blame NaPoWriMo.net- their prompt for yesterday has allowed me to do this!

Today- I went to the Belgian coast, and I saw a Harp Concert in Bruges- beautiful.

Okay, here it is.


‘You used to be my teammate- or that’s the way it seemed...’

My inbox is empty...

You used to be my teammate- brothers on the pitch.

As teammates run to a certain goal- so
Together, we would explore
Derelict houses-
The sex in British history

As teammates run, twins, along a green field
So together,
We would go to Tesco’s (okay so perhaps it’s less romantic)
But I’d be wearing your jumpers
And our souls’ doorways would sparkle
As do those of a players
When, to an erupting crowd’s cheers,
They finally get what they want

I can still feel it now-
Like the sparks of the sprayed champagne, sweet, sticky, celebratory
On players skin,
Still wet from the match,
So you splashed me
With love
And hope
And my wishes manifesting
And the awkwardness
Of sharing a room.

Now, we’re opponents, and you've changed team.
I run at you- you run away.

I can still hear
The crowd, calling like the ocean
From the days when we still had the same friends.

Now they hiss at you- our rival. I miss our names together, though.

I will never forget, though, I my eyes pass yours
-The blue and the brown
On the sparkling pitch-

The celebration,
And  the joy,
Of love.

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