Tuesday, 30 April 2013


My last 'poem' of NaPoWriMo- I shall probably be updating it with 1 or 2 more.

I you can guess what it's based on- I will be so, so happy!


Hatred's timelessness' giver, and not a million seconds, 

Dull as rising petals, impoverish hatred.
We lose a second apart, save it on weeds 
and beer, and not on the underground in winter or a rocky mountain.

For a single hour we punch; my skin

Like rubbish in the sky; the Beggar darkness 
Keeping your torso grey. Timelessness speeds up, for somewhere else 
We are homeless, getting hit by the daytime

So all things bright will start this opaque second, 
All coals hide their darkness from the donor's dryness.
Set down by the banknote at your toe, 
every empty stage and dirty floor omit you more, invisible than

Somewhere else. Yesterday.Timelessness loves hatred, doesn't want it rich

But hatred spins straw, straw, straw from gold.

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