Monday, 8 April 2013

A Pound for a Condom

 Today is something VERY different- I have followed the style of Abbie, a girl from Uni- her blog is

 A Pound for a Condom

A boat full of memories has come up from the South

I don't want to drown like its occupants. The sea the sea is not for me

Is not forever- and I want forever. Why am I still talking about the sea, when there are far more factual things to focus on- Like, for a fact, I have fallen for a fox. I have fallen for a fox,I am in lurve. His hair is red, I love the colour of his eyes, only, what colour eyes do foxes EVEN have?
But yes, oh yes, I feel it in my corpse, I love it, I know, I have fallen
There it goes! Scurry, scamper, scarper through the night, under the trees of Cannon Park.

At 1 a.m.; I spend the nights on magic clouds, I want to drink Theatre, and velvet, violet VIOLENT
Fantastic Mr. Fox so you don't want me, and there we are, we have it, 'Don't You Want Me Baby', my very own song,
I can hear it as I think of mass consumption, loneliness, my very own desparate cry for amore
My song scrawled out through the air that plummets through my lungs, as I scream and I express my jubilation otherwise, accordingly, and sprawling like a spider, Spiderman, perhaps, and I dream on clouds threw lonely laptop nights

Sometimes, my computer is my only friend. I want to wear a dress of bananas, and I want to speak Latin to everyone I meet, and I will dance naked in a world of paper, and I cannot stop crying, and that is a LIE, I am cancerous with grief

And about these immigrants 'my memories from the South' why o why did you have to die OH WHY it's not RIGHT LIFE IS LIFE IS LIFE IS LIFE

I bet you never fell in love with a fox, though. A fox! Scurrying, scarpering- don't you want me, baby?

Scurrying, scarpering- He runs through the shadows and the floodlights of Night.

As I dance, I crash in a working man's grip, and can you hear me? I'm filling the same function as dust fills out, it's where I always went to be, if you want to date me, don't you FUCKING roast peanuts in the sun, when you can

Buy them already roasted- we could watch all five of the Twilight films, twice, or consume each other 
Within that time.

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