Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Remember Me (Minimalist Version)

Remember Me

The smoky fog hung low,
The Gothic skyscrapers closed in on our love.

Uphill, up the road, away from me
You dragged yourself away.
You must be tired.

Rooted, I let the oozes of rain
Play squash against the sidewalk 
On the longest night
Within kaleidoscopic light
Amber; the heat in your hands
Navy blue; my sadness, I'm losing you.

Love, I have been told,
Is not the be all and end all 
Of this world,
And this would explain; I turned around,
And I walked away.
I could not shave your head

So I let you walk alone.

This is where the poem should end- 
A groaning, grayscale, grieving apologue.

Picture my surprise
When I'm told that love
Is happiness- 

Joy, selflessness alone-

Dance in me,
My sweetest voice,

You will seldom dance alone-

If you Remember Me,
I will carry you

And I have the world.

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