Thursday, 11 April 2013

La culla del mio padre

La culla del mio padre (My father's cradle).

You have fed the starving child within
Slim terra rose meats, fleshy formaggi of white
Each trip to your core infused me with life;
I let the heat and the love stroke my skin

I crossed your canals; I meandered your roads.
My Fiat road in evenings through cities of light
No darkness at all, in the middle of night
I guess I felt like I should do, for once

A culture lost, and the memories of lira-
Gaetani, Jovanotti, Salvatores, Luchetti
Placindo, Pausini, and Nanni Moretti
You didn't solve my problems, but you were still okay-
My dear Italia, 
I have thrown you away

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