Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Remember Me (Free Version)

As an experiment, I have written the same 'story' twice- once using 'structure', and once, 'metaphoric language'- free writing. Which one do you like better?

(For Abbie)

Remember Me

My Lover Walked Away Today-
What the fuck.

Dancing colours fill the sky- pink guitars have come to play.
I am a kitchen sink. A bathroom mirror.
Grey, like the skies, I reflect starvation. Starvation doesn't reflect me- like the lies about Sexism Prevention in the Student's Union, there is enough of it, chances, every wear chances. I let myself be a Palace today
Itchy, scratchy- Hunger is much more than Inanna cane bear. In the land of Omelettes, and amputated limbs,

I am God, I surveyed from above. I fell asleep within your sleep upon me; those tools that amplify God's Little Planet
Were the black hole
Of Calcutta.

The Magic Carpet drove us, dropped us, the Emperor's Café vegetated outside of our Close Up. The lines

Tugged you away.

God's Palace awaited us- on a carpet of midnight navy Swedish Silk,

The Buddha of Lintgen.

Only a sledge-ride away, and, as my roots would say, HOORAY,
You look like that bitch from out of Town.

The God of Energy
Hello Hello.

I am furniture, nothing else.

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