Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Music Festival

This poem is for that one person who, rain or shine, always told me when I ought to be wearing a hat- Obviously, she was always right, but I didn't listen to her, and, as this poem shows...

The Music Festival
(Forever 16)

All of the sun's heat
Encircled my body.

I collapsed.

Music pounded
My brain fizzled.

The coat that my body
Defends itself in

Charred summer grass-
My own magic carpet.

A man grabbed my arm- 
I could feel the force.

I was the colour 
of dawn, on a stormy day-
The straps of my dress
At my roasted collar.
Roller coaster.

The man must have pulled me up,
-Up, up-
Onto stretched material on

I craved
Soft, juicy fruit
Through the channels
Of my throat.

At that moment in time,
On the very day
I turned Sixteen
(Teenage Dream)

I really wished

I'd worn a hat.

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