Thursday, 3 April 2014

Essay-Writing Prescription- Actually, I just reccommend trying to answer seminar questions first.


In her desperation, she called me at night;
She plead How does a student
An essay write?

Well child 
First off there's food, the biscuits and tea
And always have lunch at a quarter-to-three
The earl grey and digestives will get you through this
And always have breakfast, don't give it a miss.

But surely not? The girl said
Surely food will not write me my essays?

Well child
Books, you will read, first all night and all day
Their thoughts you will read, quotatins obtain
Stats you will find, and stories and fears
You will right them all down; but don't plagiarise ideas-

You will quote every author, they will feel like a friend
After all, you have 'met' them again and again
Then link your ideas on a big piece of paper
Then right it all up and ADD THE QUOTATIONS.

Quotations, she smiled, thanks sir, I'm good to go. 

Ah, not so quickly- you're missing your hope.

Hope, cried the student, sir, hope cannot write!

It is hope, dear, that lead you to call me at night.

The madness and sadness, 
And don't give me no resignation
You've got to be mad
At least just a tad
To write an essay.

String each sentence together, 
Just give me one word,
It takes hope,
It takes guts,
It takes fear,
It takes love.

Love? exclaimed my pupil.

Yes, love. For if we can't love our projects,
We can't love anyone.
Now go, my dear pupil
And get your essay done!

She thanked me, my student
And then she was gone
She was somewhat surprised,
She couldn't have known

That love gets us out of bed each day
-Love for our lives, love for our way
And once you find you are at peace with yourself

Well, perhaps you'll just find
You can write your damned essay.

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